Stanford grad, Alex Benjamin has been at a leadership role for the last 10 years of his career in various forms. Passionate about helping companies find new ways to evolve and change in order to innovate the entire customer experience. At SDC, he directs his passion and energy on driving growth through a strong approach to strategic operational and entrepreneurial thinking all while supporting the entire team structure.




Chip Kastelnik, founder of San Diego Customs and an original partner of SDC, is an internationally known figure in the motorcycle, cannabis and music industry. Chip is known for building an elaborate, high output business that has been featured in numerous times in international publications. Chips vision and leadership brings a strong edge to many of our product formulations and focused live events.




Mikey is an entrepreneur, his background is in the screen-printing industry where he started a successful apparel brand. He ran the brand for 10 years, overseeing all aspects of branding, marketing, product development. Mike has always had a pulse on pop-culture in all aspects from skate, surf, music and motorcycles. He brings a wide range of knowledge and talent to SDC not limited to brand development, direction, marketing and brand relationships.




Ryan Lange is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in creative arts, digital media and cannabis. Known for his digital work with recording artists like Kanye West, U2, Migos and more. Ryan’s work has been featured on the Today Show, US Weekly, People Magazine, Dr. Oz, Forbes and GQ among many others. Ryan has collaborated on and launched major branding campaigns for some of the most successful corporations in the country including Nike, Apple Music, Harmless Harvest, Carhartt and Home Depot. Ryan’s unique vision and background in legal cannabis operations took root in a lifetime living at the intersection of art, music, cannabis culture that allow him to bring a voice and leadership to SDC driving the future growth and business development.